Advisory Services

NOVUM experts and consultants are often retained to provide strategic advisory and consulting services to corporate clients to assist in the development of monetization strategies and determination of market-specific data to assist in patent and technology licensing negotiations.  NOVUM experts leverage their extensive industry experience and knowledge to provide their clients with in-depth market insights and data in order to deliver best in class results during patent and technology licensing transactions.

NOVUM routinely advises clients in patent acquisitions/dispositions, buy/sell transactions, licensing and negotiation strategy development and financing arrangements which, to date, has exceeded more than $2 billion in value.

NOVUM’s advisory services include:

  • Market analysis and assessment for applicable products and participants
  • Economic analysis to determine value attributed to subject technology
  • Economic and financial modeling
  • Competitive assessments and market share analysis
  • Market research and assessment of applicable reasonable royalty rates
  • Valuation analysis and deal pricing scenarios
  • Preparation of offering memorandums or letters of intent (LOI)
  • Review and analysis of counteroffers
  • Negotiation strategy development and implementation
  • Negotiation assistance and participation
  • Due diligence for buy/sell transactions
  • Due diligence for litigation financing purposes
  • Brokerage services

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