Other Services

In addition to the various litigation and advisory services that NOVUM offers, NOVUM also assists clients with a variety of other business and transactional needs. These services include Royalty Audits, Royalty Compliance, Financial Reporting, and Valuations, among others.

For example, whether in dispute in litigation or for compliance purposes, NOVUM provides clients with detailed support for royalty audits and royalty compliance. Misunderstanding or confusion of agreement terms, inaccurate financial reporting, and absence or inaccurate communication between business or reporting segments are just some of the potential reasons for under or overpayment of royalties. Companies often require a third-party to examine whether license payments have been properly calculated and paid by the licensee.

NOVUM’s services ensure that companies accurately account for the appropriate amount of royalties due under licensing and technology transfer agreements and NOVUM’s financial experts and consultants possess years of experience and required skills necessary to identify under or overpayments. Our experts and consultants also possess the requisite skills and experience to assist in negotiations between licensors and licensees in any dispute that may arise.

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